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High Fiber Diets Prevent Colon Cancer

High Fiber Diets Prevent Colon Cancer

Link: Ivanhoe's Medical Breakthroughs - High-Fiber Diet Helps Prevent Colon Cancer.

I don't know how much research has to be performed and how many studies have to be done to explain in terms that we don't understand....but I think logic dictates that things that are from nature like oats and apples and broccoli - that contain fiber - are going to be good for our intestinal system. 

But apparently that point of "scientific accpetance" has been reached and we can all start changing our diets to include more fiber.  The point of this blog and I would have to believe, that research, is to provide curious minds with more evidence that yes, it is important to have plenty of fiber in your diet.  If you start with an extra fruit and vegetable each day, then you'll know if you had enough fiber before. 

The key to getting enough fiber in your diet is to find a couple of vegetables you like or fruits. Personally, I like salads because you can get more different types of veggies in one healthy meal.  If you're getting enough fiber, you will be 'regular'.  Your body will function more efficiently.  (The Vice Busting Diet covers this: book to be released in early 2006 - get a version of it by using the 26-week online plan!).

I will say that occasionally I will have a glass of metamucil just to be sure I'm getting the fiber I need. But, it's secondary to healthy food.

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